On page 4 of the presentation, CMP implies that their corridor will save "$75 million annually for Maine utility customers" siting 2013 MECRA data. 









CMP's information appears to have been pulled from the same source as this:

"MECRA, as the initiative is known, is designed to lower energy costs for Maine consumers by having the state enter into contracts to purchase up to 200 million cubic feet per day of natural gas at a cost not to exceed $75 million annually. Ratepayers in Maine would foot the bill."



Fact Check:

200 million cubic feet per day, over a year, is 73,000 million cubic feet per year.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Maine only uses about 22,000 million cubic feet of natural gas per year to produce electricity.  To make the corridor look better, CMP wants us to think that we use way more than we really do. If CMP's falsifies this number, can they be trusted?  What other misinformation are they spreading?