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Central Maine Power is owned by the Spanish energy giant Iberdrola, as a subsidiary of AVANGRID, Inc. 

Iberdrola/AVANGRID/CMP is planning on building a power line through Maine from Quebec to provide power to Massachusetts.

CMP's powerline will include 53 miles of cutting through the unspoiled wilderness in northwestern Maine.

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There Were Three Major Proposals For Hydro Quebec To Bring Power to Massachusetts

  • Through Vermont

  • Through New Hampshire

  • Through Maine​

The Vermont Proposal Was Expected To Win.

The NH Regulators Denied the Permits, Citing The Damage To the Environment and Tourism.

​Massachusetts Chose CMP's Proposal to Build the Power Line Through Maine.


Central Maine Power Devised An Elaborate Scheme To Force The Corridor Project On The People Of Maine.

Before The Citizens Of Maine Were Fully Aware Of The Extent Of The Corridor Project, The Stage Was Set For the Maine Public Utilities Commission (MPUC) To Approve The Project, Influenced By Iberdrola/AVANGRID/CMP Marketing And False Advertising.

CMP Created An "Environmental" Non-Profit Corporation (the Western Mountain And Rivers Corporation) to Lobby For CMP's Corridor Project.

CMP Paid To Have Biased "Economic Studies" Published

The Economic Studies Were Used to Influence the Maine Public Utilities Commission to Approve the Iberdrola/CMP Corridor Project.

CMP Falsely Claims That Maine Will Save $40 million in lower electricity costs, each year.

CMP Falsely Claims That They Will Reduce CO2 In Maine to the Equivalent of Removing 57,000 cars from Maine Roads and Highways.

CMP Falsely Claims That The Iberdrola/CMP Project Will Contribute $564 Million To the Maine Economy.

CMP Falsely Claims That They Will Invest $15 Million for Fiber Optics For Host Communities

CMP Falsely Claimed That They Will Provide 3,500 Jobs in Western Maine at Peak Construction

CMP Falsely Claims that NECEC Will Protect Maine From Seasonal Energy Spikes

CMP Deceptively Claims That Maine Will Receive $18 Million In Property Tax Revenues, to Lower Property Taxes

Fortunately, There Are Easy Alternatives for Massachusetts To Get Clean Energy

CMP needed a way to provide an illusion

of harmony with the environment.

They found it by creating

the Western Mountains and Rivers Corporation. 

The next step was to make sure that the directors of

the Western Mountains and Rivers would support the CMP Corridor,

and to pay them well so that they would help promote CMP's Corridor.

August 2017 
- WMRC was established as a non-profit.

September 2017  
- CMP filed its application for state permits.

May 2018  
- CMP gives WMRC $250,000.

The Western Mountains And Rivers Corporation is in Somerset County.  The Somerset County Commissioners voted to support CMP's NECEC.  One of the commissioners was a director of the Western Mountains and Rivers Corporation.

Heather Johnson was also a director of the Western Mountains And Rivers Corporation.  Governor Mills supports CMP's corridor project.  Governor Mills appointed Heather Johnson as Maine's Commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development.

Peter Mills, Governor Mill's brother, was also a director of the Western Mountains And Rivers Corporation.


CMP Paid To Have Economic Studies Written to Influence the Maine Public Utilities Commission To Approve the CMP Corridor Project

The reports describe CMP's view of the benefits of their corridor project, but they say nothing about the negative impacts to Maine's tourism economy, Maine's fish and wildlife habitat or the impact on future generations.

The reports also leave out that CMP has earned

the "Worst-In-Nation Customer Satisfaction Mark"

for three consecutive years and is an unreliable business partner.

Note that two of the documents say "Redacted", meaning CMP is hiding information that they don't want the citizens of Maine to see.

"NECEC Transmission Project: 

Benefits to Maine Ratepayers"

  • Prepared For:  Central Maine Power

  • Amount CMP Paid To Have This Written: 

    • Amount paid:  Undisclosed

  • Date Published: 27 September 20

The Principal Consultant for this document previously held management and power supply planning positions at Central Maine Power.


"The Economic and Employment Contributions Of The

New England Clean Energy Connect In Maine"

  • Prepared For:  Central Maine Power

  • CMP Paid $35,000 to have this written.

  • Published in September 2017, at the same time that CMP filed its application for state permits to build the corridor.

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“Independent Analysis of Electricity Market and Macroeconomic Benefits of the New England Clean Energy Connect Project”

The company that wrote this document, is based in Canada (the home of Hydro Quebec)

and in Massachusetts (where the energy from Hydro Quebec is going).

The Maine Public Utilities Commission paid $475,000 for this report on the "benefits", but did not have anyone look into the negative impacts of the project.



If permitted, CMP's corridor really will become as wide as the New Jersey Turnpike.  CMP has tried to pretend that it won't be very wide, but that is another one of CMP's lies.  Initially, it will be 150 feet wide, but CMP's permit allows for up to 300 feet wide.  300 feet is for future expansion for the next power line after this project is completed.

Per CMP spokesman John Carroll:

"Our real estate rights are 300' wide. You have to look ahead. We don't know what the future will call for. When you create a corridor you want to have the real estate for future projects," Carroll said.